Happy Solo Album Launch, Young Bae Ssi!!!

I think I saw “I need a girl” already climbed to #1 on mnet countdown! If this is so then I’m soooooo happy for him! He must be thrilled!!!

I must say today is making up for the past week! Two amazing things have happened!

1. My fiance, Y, the one who makes me lunch everyday, (because he is entirely loveable and that’s why I’m marrying him ^^) surprised me with an early birthday gift! I wasn’t looking to get this mostly because with other things I need to get it was way out of budget! It is the gift to end all gifts and I’m going to keep you in suspense about what it is till I can get to a computer and post pictures!! Hehe!!! Himitsu desu!!!

2. My first Eel purchase came in today!!!!! That’s right! The Jang Keun Suk Seoul FM DVD!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! So happYyyyyyyyyyy \(^____^)/
I’d like to thank the kind Eels that made this possible! Daily Tofu and her friend Becky! Also my SeOul sisters from Sears Blog!!! And not least of all my adorable future brother in law who was my patient go between!!! I love you guys!!! And I love Sukkie!!!

Look out for unboxing goodness in my next post!

Thank u Lord for this break in fate!


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