Quick Taeyang Update!!! (neogogo’s gonna be alright :))

Image courtesy ibigbang

(Click on image to see the rest!)

Hahas! Turns out the office computer didn’t blow! The place where the adaptor is plugged is just kind of spastic. In Nigeria we say the wires are “touching”. Anyways, I have a chance to update on a computer and I’m taking it!!!!

First of all, Taeyang’s final audio preview, “After You Sleep”:

Is it me or do they just keep getting better and better? And this one is composed by GD!! I LOVE the dance beat!! Gonna dance my socks off to this one! LOl!

I’m sad that I probably won’t be getting the solid Deluxe CD because for me it’s a huge process that will probably end with it being kidnapped by customs (maybe not such a bad thing. Everyone should hear Taeyang!) but if I can I will definitely buy it digitally.

Finally the bts of the vid for “I Need A Girl” that I spoke of in my earlier rant post.

There is so much to love about this!!!!!!!!!! I’m pretty sure most or all of 2ne1 is in this!!! And GD!!!! Do you see those rings!!!!! PIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah – nothing like some good GDYB!!!!

Finally, for those of you who will be lucky enough to buy the cd, a thoughtful instructional so you don’t mess up your unboxing vids!

coool… *___*

All vids courtesy of gilbakk2010, all info courtesy of ibigbang!

Guy’s, I dunno if I’ll be able to blog Taeyang’s triumphant (hehe, I’m hoping!) solo debut so I’ll just say here how happy I was to count down with you!!!

Buy the CD! If you can’t then pirate it!!! Lol!! Whatever it takes, listen to Taeyang’s album and show love!! <3<3<3

Let’s watch the sun rise tomorrow and look forward to se7en!


EDIT: Couldn’t say bye without adding this! Lol!!! Final spazz barring actual album drop!! I swear!!!!

All the previews including track 7 which I missed (oopsie! =_=;)

Happy Listening! ^^

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