neogogo is not ok

That’s right. I’m so bitter right now that I was forced to refer to myself in third person.
Cos for the third time since I spent a bajillion naira getting my piece of junk mac book pro, it is down. This time less than a month since I put in a new hard drive!!!!!
Thank God I backed up this time.
And you know what they told me the last two times I took it in to be fixed?
Power Surge. In 3rd World-ese that would be the God of thunder has it out for me.
Remember my surge protector of love? I can’t really link to it cos I dunno how to do that while blogging via BB.
I would like to place a curse on whoever stole it but the way things r it would just bounce back on me. Anyway who can blame them. Surge protectors (aka amulets of protection from the god of thunder) are super valuable around here and if I was smart, I would be figuring out how to steal a new one!
This sux. My Taeyang countdown ends with a fart one day short of release. All I can do is say there was another song preview and also a bts vid for can’t remember which song and can’t check. I saw part of it before the imac I was using at the office just randomly blew (see what I mean?).
I’m a homeless blogger.
I’m captain Bitter with bitter rays coming from my eyes.
I’m so tired of this.
Someone needs to create a word for crap that happens to you and you can’t do jack about soley because u live in the 3rd world.
EDIT: well, the world isn’t 100% gray. For one thing, my incredibly patient fiance, Y, made me lunch. Grilled chicken in sauce with veggies. It was within diet and really yummy and I feel a bit better after eating it! 🙂
Another thing; desperation made me discover that I can stream YT vids on my BB! The quality is incredibly crap and the audio jumps but it’s something which I can tell you is wayyyyyyyy better than nothing!
So even if I can’t display TY’s BTS vid here I can at least give my opinion and it’s SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! (That’s actually hard to do on BB so believe the sincerity!)
Saw Sandara Park, CL and GD!!! I’m going to have to kidnap someone’s system to see this in HQ when the full thing comes out!
Regardless of my new vagabond status; TAEYANG!!! YG!!! FIGHTING!!!!!!!

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