World Cups, Taeyang and Fanfics

FIFA World Cup

I’ve never really been into football, but everyone knows that the World Cup is different!! Was sad when Nigeria flunked out but happy Ghana stepped in to represent Africa! The US played a great game (those guys are fast like you wouldn’t believe) but Ghana’s Black Stars played the “beautiful” game! I don’t know how far they will go but it is an honour as it is for them to have qualified for the 16.

Also saw the Korea game against Uruguay. Talk about heart!! I was really moved by their effort! They gave a powerful team like Uruguay a run for their money. I really feel the only thing they are lacking is more rounded International experience. They are formidable team in the making and they went down like heroes! Well done Red Devils!!!!

Taeyang!! I Can’t Take it No More!!!

My beautiful BigBang Boy has released two more teasers and in my opinion they are certainly doing the job of teasing. Yes, I am feeling very teased and I kinda just want full songs AND videos to rock on my Pod like NOW!!!!!

3 more days till album drop! Sheesh!!!!

Vids Credit: Gilbakk2010

Fanfic News

Chapter 3 of Stella’s Cafe, my Sukkie Fic, is now available on my Fanfic page! Chapter 4 is still in the works. Please bear with me and I’ll try and make it worth your while!! Thank you everyone that’s been reading so far and leaving such encouraging comments! You have no idea how much I lov u guyzzzzzzzzz!!!!\(^__________^)/


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