FanFic Update!!!

I’ve updated my fanfic!!!!


Sorry for all the time it’s taken! =_=’

As usual it’s available here for a week before I will post it on my fanfic page.

Please check it out and enjoy!


2 responses to “FanFic Update!!!

  1. Xene from soompi

    I read it last night and was smiling to myself when I went to sleep.
    It was worth the wait! XD
    I was on the edge of my seat while reading it, especially the flirting part and the when he touched you part, XP, I was giggling and smiling the whole way.
    You even included his recently dyed hair and his vanilla scent! *I put vanilla on myself everyday now XP*
    Thank you for your awesome fanfic!

    • Your so welcome, Xene and thanks for your cool comment! It gave me energy like we Eels give to Sukkie!^^
      Now, I’m all revved up to do chap 4! Just need to make out the time T.T!
      Hope you’ll continue to read and enjoy!!

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