JKS teases his Eels from HK

NOTE: All Image credits: as tagged, 09261130@baidu, iluvido@baidu, luna, dauly_tofu@soompi, thai eels and baidu. All via Sears Blog.

An idol up to no good?

Is Sukkie trying to kill his Eels?


But in the best way possible. Namely: Hyperventilation and Blood Loss by nose bleed.

View this video graciously posted by taiwancriju to see what I mean!

Did you notice the smile and the look in his eyes after he did all those things with his mouth????? *nosebleed waterfall* What a flirt!!!!! And how we all love it!!! #*_____________*#

I’m not even going to talk of the peek-a-boo shoulder of the autograph session!

Hello, Eel, you seem – (shirt slips) – distracted…

His Sukkieness is currently conquering Hong Kong. Not sure but I think this concludes his Asia tour for now though there are talks of another Seoul Fan Meeting and rumours of a trip to the Philippines!

Welcome, HK to the Sukkie Empire! Now, Dak chan!!!!

Work starts on Kimi Wa Petto this month though so I hope he is able to get a small rest before he has to buckle down. Honestly, If I worked as hard as this idol…well, I’d probably be an idol too!^^

Do your best Sukkie!!! Fighting Cri~!!!!

Moments from HK FM.

Sadly, he did not keep going after the animal costume came off.

The best game ever in the history of games: Get a phone call from Sukkie!!!

Sukkie Serenade *swoons*


2 responses to “JKS teases his Eels from HK

  1. as a fan once described him – a bonafide media whore! 😀 and we mean it in a loving way.
    i just love the way he flirts with the camera and his fangirls.
    it’s a game and he’s at his most beautiful at this stage. catch him b4 this full bloom (he’s a flower boy after all) starts to fade and he becomes a man, a handsome one no doubt.
    his fangirls know this and they are chasing him like crazy now and he’s making hay while the sun shines! everyone’s enjoying themselves! love looking at him! flirt on!!

    • Wow, love the way you have expressed it and it’s soooooooo true!!!
      Our Sukkie is definitely blooming and it’s cool that he has the insight and maturity to understand that and enjoy it. (Boy, I wish I had that kind of insight when I was his age!)
      And it really is fun watching him preen and flirt for us! Lol! That’s what makes him so Sukkilicious!!!
      Love him cri~!!!!!!

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