Mo’Cheddah sez: Ko Ma Roll!!!

Just when I was getting all depressed because the Nigerian Super Eagles decided to make WorldCup history by giving Greece its first goal and first win, my cute, spunky Naija (slang for Nigerian^^) pop favourite, Mo’Cheddah dropped her latest single: Ko Ma Roll (t/n: Let it Roll), a track from her much anticipated debut album, “Franchise Celebrity.”

This bubbly, infectious dance number reached out to me, shook me and said, what the hell!! So what if we’re not the most promising world cup contenders! It’s Summer dammit and I want to have a good time!!!

Give it a listen Here.

Even if you don’t understand most of what she’s saying, catchy is catchy and this joint is a jam!

Really can’t wait to see the MV!

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2 responses to “Mo’Cheddah sez: Ko Ma Roll!!!

  1. I am really feeling this song Neo-Chan~~. Seriously. I want get up and dance to it but I can’t because I sprained my ankle yesterday lol D:

    (oh. and this is pertaining to the post before this one)
    I really love that YG pic ^^ /huggles them

    You and I share the same Kpop company bias haha YG FTW!!

    You have no idea how excited I am for next week, because I haven’t been into Kpop for a minute…but now that the YG artists are finally coming back I’m ecstatic!!!!

  2. Heehee! Had it on repeat all day the day it came out so had to share!
    Gosh, too bad about ur ankle!!! What happened? Hope it gets better soon!
    About previous post: Isn’t it the cutest pic?? Was so happy when I found it on TKPA blog! It’s so rare to see GD or Se7en shirtless and they’re just all so cute!!!
    Agree with you! YG FTW!!^^ Dunno how I’m gonna wait! I need distractions!!!!!
    It’s gonna be a hot summer!!!

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