courtesy: allkpop

Happiness is simple stuff! ^__________^

Like waking up to this:

Oh Tabi!!!! Are we truly, finally going to get to spazz over the non-bootleg version of your solo MV???

I had no idea that there would be colour!!!! I am so GIDDY!!!!! Lol!!!

June 21st come quickly!!!!

Thank you YG Entertainment!!!! Thank you Yang Hyun Suk Ahjussi!!!!! Thank you Uncle!!!!!!!

ok, sorry but have to SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 responses to “TOP MV TEASER ARRIVES!!!!!

  1. stellena10102


    I didn’t know ANYTHING about this!!!!!!! I’ve been so out of the kpop loop D: (and TOP is my babe I should have known about this dammit! I am such a bad fan!) see this is why I need you!! You keep me informed about all of this!

    Omo~ I’m excited!!! TOP!!! (oh man one of my friends is gonna die!)

    …but what the heck YG?? I thought taeyang was supposed to drop an album months ago???lol.

    • Girl, you know how YG likes to take us unawares as much as possible! This popped out today with no warning so you’re not a bad fan!^^
      As for Taeyang, unconfirmed rumor has it that his album may be dropping on the 25th. The ball is definitely rolling on it as Shaun Evarista (sure I spelled it wrong) is already at YG working on choreography with him and ibigbang even had a leaked track listing!
      Too much to look forward to!!! *____*
      ps. and it is my pleasure to help keep u informed just as you keep me informed on the Japan side of things! Lol!!!

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