Mo’Cheddah Spam^^

So I finally got my lappy back with a new hard drive and I am slowly rebuilding it from old back ups (that will teach me to be too lazy to back up in over a month!!T.T). This has been the main cause of my unexpected hiatus.

In the meanwhile, the ball has been set rolling towards my getting married and we’ve set the date for January. My family and Y’s family recently went through the traditional rite of Introduction where the families get together and intentions ae made known.

Y moved into his new place. It looks great! He has quite the cute domestic side!

Have I seen anything in anime, doramas or Asian Pop worth spazzing over? Certainly! But, sadly, It’ll have to wait till I have more than five minutes at a time to post on the blog! Same goes with my fanfic though I’ve been working on it.


Anyway, since I hate to leave you with nothing (whoever you might be! Lol!), here’s a a mashup vid I did of my fave Nigerian Hip Pop act, Mo’Cheddah. Someone called A1 actually did a track called, “I’m Obsessed with Mo’Cheddah.” I couldn’t believe my luck when I heard it. I immediately hunted down all her videos and did a mash up to it!^^

This was done on iMovie. Enjoy!


2 responses to “Mo’Cheddah Spam^^

  1. Omgeez!! I was wondering where u were!! I can’t watch the video yet. But I will later~!

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