I Wish Nigeria Had This…

courtesy taijizero2

But our Sports Commission is kind of a well known joke around here and no one seems to be holding out any hope for our boys (who have been placed in the group of death as usual) this time around.

It doesn’t matter how talented they are and they are very talented!

But the the general consensus seems to be that the super Eagles won’t be taking off this year so no one is much in the mood for cheering.


EDIT: Small BigBangSpazz: They’re so great in this^^. Look at GD go!!! Love his gestures!!! Also how cute is Seungri’s skating impression when Kim Yuna comes on! Lol! Kim Yuna’s voice is also very pretty! And I love the choreography so eazy-peazy and cute! Big Bang clearly made this anthem and dance with practical use for fans in mind!



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