Radio Silence…

Sorry, it’ s been so quiet. I didn’t die of happiness after my Big Bang spazz.

Well, I did, but only for a little while because  I had to quickly resurrect again so that my cup could properly runneth over when Sukkie’s new Samsung Yepp CF came out like one day later!!!

My Screencap Teasers:

Just so damn pretty!!!! #^_____^#

Yes, apparently, Heaven is trying to kill me with pleasure.

Expect a proper spazz on this soon! All I’ll say for now is that I foresee a problem for casting agents picking out leading ladies for His Sukkieness in the future as he will have a way of just outshining them ridiculously. Otokajo!!? Seriously, my boy could use some ugly cream just to tone it down! Good luck Han Ye Seul! Lol!

Also forgive me for being so late on updating my fanfic here though it’s been updated for ages on FB. If you haven’t read chapter 2 yet, it is now available in Neogogo’s Fanfic. Hope you like! I will do my best to get out chapter 3 and your comments will be most appreciated!

As usual there is much to say and almost no time to say it! Tomorrow I will be helping my fiance to move into his new apartment which will be the future site of our wedded bliss ^__^ hehe!

Please forgive the slowness of the blog during this short period.

Here is an offering: something interesting I found on PopSeoul: This dutch act Nathalie Makoma also got the rights to SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” song and she performed a whole different version of the song but with the same tune.

Check it out:

and the SNSD version:

Is it a sign that I’m completely Hallyu Feverish that I kinda prefer the SNSD version for now even though I don’t understand most of it? I think this new version will just take some getting used to for me. Something about the tempo and rhythm are just a little out of wack for me for now!

Okay, that’s all I have for now. Will hopefully post again real soon!!!


4 responses to “Radio Silence…

  1. Xene from soompi

    hwaiting for your fanfic chapter 3!! =)
    LMAO at your phrase ‘His Sukkieness’

    • Thank u for ur support Xene!!!
      I’m super encouraged and I will do my best to bring out an engrossing ch. 3 >.<!!!
      re: His Sukkieness: Ah- you lol but doesn't it just seem natural?? Sukkie is definitely a prince! And with eel power, we'll make him a King!!
      Aja, aja, fighting!!!

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