K – pop, Pop, POP!!!!

Okay, it’s Come Back Season and this is just a quick rundown of three vids that have recently released that I’ve been interested in:

WonderGirls: Two Different Tears

SC from Vid

I’m so confused but that defines my relationship with this globetrotting Kpop girl group. Truth is I’ve never been able to love their songs as much as everyone seems to and that especially includes “Nobody.” The whole vintage thing is cool and their live performances are slick but that’s about it for me and them, really. So when the MV for “Two Different Tears” came out, I didn’t feel any urgency to check it out.

But I finally did and you know what, I didn’t mind it at all. The concept is fun and Austen Powers-ish allowing them to continue with the whole vintage thing but from a different angle and it has one of the MADtv guys in it (which is great cos I love them all! Lol!). The funniest thing is that I think I like this song better that “Nobody,” and I say funny because all the comments I’ve read so far indicate that people are not feeling it at all!

I’m probably the weird one!^^ But judge for yourself:

courtesy: koreanMVTV

Super Junior: Bonamana

SC from Video

Real late to the game on this one but I don’t care still want to say my 2 cents. First of all I agree with everyone that it reminds me of “Sorry.” Secondly and more importantly, I find I don’t care! I liked “Sorry!” and to be honest, the glutton in me is actually happy to have another song like it!

Do I think SuJu is becoming stagnant? Not really, and that’s because I never think of Suju critically like that. I think of them when I get on the treadmill and  need endorphins in the form of music and video and in that area they so, so deliver. I watched this vid and after loving the concept to death (that euro Vogue look and everyone’s been working out!!!) all I could think was – dance! dance! club! club! sing! waaah! Lol!!!!

Final consensus: This is a jam. I was singing along on my first watching (I swear my karaoke bones were aching!) and their live performance of it is also hot!^^

Here’s the vid:

courtesy: YoonaLoveable

Big Bang: Tell Me Goodbye

SC from Video

You know that this is ultimately what this post is about right???


Ok, had to get that out.

A new Big Bang video came out today much to my shock and utter delight! Honestly you’d think I hadn’t seen anything from them in years! Lol! It’s just that despite the fact that I’ve known them for less than a year, I’ve covered pretty much all their material and I. Need. More.

So right now? \(^______^)/

Now about the vid. I’m really not into ballads right now but when my boys from BB kick it, that’s a whole other thing and I cannot wait to learn this song enough to torture people with it, kekeke!!!

And I am sooooooooooo loving their look in this vid! What better way to show their maturing side than to draw from that ultimate period in debonair men’s fashion? The era of the racketeer!!! This is my favourite era of all time! It’s why I love films like The Untouchables till today, Armani hooked it UP!

I’m going to dedicate a proper spazz post to this next so here I will only put the vid so you can get on it if you haven’t.


courtesy: YGEntertainment


3 responses to “K – pop, Pop, POP!!!!

  1. Well, well, well.

    Looks like my initial confusion (thinking that Top was the leader of Big Bang) is justified. The guy was the best thing about this video. Cool, funky and awesome at the same time.

    He made me ignore the fact that they were singing a ballad and just be like “Hm, this guy wears a broken nose like it was make-up.”

    The other guy that stood out for me was the 2nd to youngest (never remember his name). The look really suited him.

    Of course, none of them looked bad at all, but those were the peeps that stood out.

    Also, TOP!!!!!! :-D.

    I could be gar for this chap. Let’s see if he can impress me one more time eh?

    • I COMPLETELY agree with you (as you will notice in my follow up post) I cannot overstate how cool TOP is in this!
      The second to the youngest is Daesung and yes, he does look extremely handsome in his prohibition era threads. I just don’t even know what to do with the admiration I feel for him. He’s supposed to be the non-threatening one!!!
      There’s enough stuff out there to do the job of making you gar for TOP if you look. He’s the real guys, guy of the group! Hard drinking, hard smoking, hard punking. Love him!!!!!!!!!!!^^

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