Are there African Bishounen?

This is a question that my significant other, Y, and I have pondered awhile.

We’ve tried many time to come up with examples (Maxwell? Tyson Beckford? Prince???) but none seemed to satisfy that unique criteria that made up that category the japanese so aptly named bishounen. Despite the fact that willowy male physiques are not foreign to Africa we could not place one single public figure that looked like he could have stepped out of the pages of a shoujo manga.

That is, we couldn’t until now.

I have to thank Gamine for this because it was a post she made on FB that led me to this amazing discovery.

People, the answer to the question is YES. Not only are there African bishounen, apparently there is a NIGERIAN bishounen.


From Fashion Spot thread.

From Black Super Models Chronicles.

From Black Super Models Chronicles.

From Black Super Models Chronicles.  From Fashion Spot thread.

From Fashion Spot thread.

This is is Ty Ogunkoya.

He’s Nigerian and he’s very much a Bishounen.


12 responses to “Are there African Bishounen?

  1. The hilarity of this whole thing is: This is my friend’s brother.

    We’ve been giving him the side eye for years

    • The side eye???
      Sugabelly, what were you thinking????
      You should have had him front and center and regulated that! Lord!
      Hope you’re still in touch with your friend – we can still salvage this! Lol!!!

  2. Lol. This is awesome. Now that one has emerged into the spotlight, I am pretty sure the floodgates will be opened soon and we’ll start seeing African bishounens all over the place.

    Their time has come!

    • Open ye floodgates!!!
      I believe the women folk are ready!
      But seriously, I felt like true triumph on finding this because now I have a subject to base my future shoujos on in my brilliant future as a nigerian mangaka.



  3. stellena10102


    wow…when I first read the title I thought of Tyson Beckford instantly haha…but this guy takes the cake! He is so pretty~! I can’t stop staring at the last picture!!


    • Hehe!!!! I know that last picture is the clincher!
      It’s like “Ouch!”
      Oh, and it gives me so much happiness to spread this kind of sugar around!!!!!

  4. We’re still friends but we haven’t spoken in a while since we go to school in different countries. Unfortunately, last time I checked, the brothers of friends are generally off-limits.

    Don’t worry, there are LOADS of Nigerian bishounen. I actually know at least 5. And I don’t mean just good looking guys I mean Nigerian guys that are more beautiful than handsome… almost pretty like girls.

    • True. True. Damn that chick code.
      Well, as for those bishounen you have encountered, I can only say you are one lucky, lucky lady! No wonder you draw so beautifully with all that inspiration!! 🙂

  5. Wow, these are some pretty nice pictures, especially the last one. ^//////^

    Thanks so much for sharing these!

  6. Lol, there are many Black bishounens, it’s just you have to be around Black people a lot to see it. The Typical guys you see on TV isn’t actually how most Black men look like. If you type in “long haired Black men wavy hair” you’ll see it. North Sudan, Aswan Eygpt (Nubia), and the Horn of Africa is filled with ones who literally have the look. This can apply to many guys in Chad and Niger and even else where on the continent.

    Many Black American men look like such even without wavy hair because they’re “pretty”. The guy you reference is not even the closest example I can bring up online. They tend to be slim, somewhat curly or wavy head but their curly hair down at medium length, or a curly as you see some Bishounens in Manga (since most Japanese don’t have curly hair). They can also have ” long Afro hair” at medium length or longer. These guys also are cleaned shaved, somewhat feminine or Foppish, really well dressed, have a lot of shoes and accessories, really well spoken, and super playful. If you go on google you’ll see some cute Black American guys who don’t look like Bishonens even if you type in the descriptions I show you. You’ll see some who do, in the searches on google but Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram etc is better.

    A Feminine black guys search is a good way to search for some too. Even on the internet, you won’t see a lot because Black Americans have a low digital footprint compared to other races in America. I think it’s because the typical Black community crowds onto a few websites & apps while Blacks like myself who aren’t part of the “Community” because we prefer mainstream American Culture just watch other races talk about things from the distance because they usually annoyingly but innocently assume things. So we have to watch them post photos of Muscle headed black men as if they are the only Black men out there.

  7. There are lots of guys who look like both of these pictures. Though they have long wavy or curly hair instead of straight.

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