Sasha Fierce will u marry me???


I remember when I thought Beyonce was too bland and was kind of like a doll being operated by others (I know this is ironic considering this is the main criticism for K-Pop idols! Lol!). Then there was a phase when I respected her for her hardwork and how she kept pushing herself but her stuff was still like , *shrugs* “meh” for me.

But then she introduced us to her more risque personality, Sasha Fierce, the personality that didn’t play safe and our relationship changed.

There is nothing I love more than Sasha Fierce’s attitude, colour and style! And to me she is the one that does Beyonce’s powerful vocal chords justice (yes I see them as two different people!)

I was too happy when Yegwa pointed me towards her latest video for “Why Don’t You Love Me” (a single from the I am Sasha Fierce album). It certainly fits with the style direction she’s been moving towards in her last couple of vids: 50s cheescake pin up girl. This is a style that I love (think Brigitte Bardot, Gina Lolobrigida) and it is so flattering for full figured gals like my SF.

Anyway, enough fan-girling^^! Here are the goods!

Truly Fierce!


2 responses to “Sasha Fierce will u marry me???

  1. This video was just really cool. I wonder whether Beyonce will be able to return to just being vanilla Beyonce. Looks like she might be enjoying being Sasha Fierce a lot eh?

    What’s surprising though is the amount of haters online saying she’s doing porn and all this nonsense. Shame. Hope she doesn’t end up alienating too many of her previous fans with her Sasha Fierce persona.

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