Momo Watch: Will Han Ye Seul be Sukkie’s Owner?

credit as tagged. Shared via Dramabeans.

According to Dramabeans she’s been offered the role and shown interest but is yet to formally accept it.

Will she make a good  Iwaya Sumire?

Credit: Excerpt from Manga              Credit: Image found @ Korean Video Girl Blogspot

Since I’ve never seen her in anything I really can’t guess but I’ll have to say she really looks the part!! If she’s as tall as she looks in her pics and they put her in heels, they might even be able to address the height issue (Iwaya is supposed to be taller than Momo). Plus it seems she is also a fluent English speaker just as Iwaya is in the manga (Need to confirm this).

I only hope she and Sukkie have the right chemistry to make this film the hit the dorama was in Japan.

Credit: MangasAddict @ Crunchroll

Shooting starts in June!

I have no idea how I’m going to be able to wait till I can see this movie!!!

Waaaaahhhhh!!!! Need more Sukkie Work Now!!!!!!!!!!

Random Sukkie image just because ^____^

credit as tagged. Shared via Eels Usa Facebook Page

5 responses to “Momo Watch: Will Han Ye Seul be Sukkie’s Owner?

  1. hahaha i’ve seen her in Nonstop4, and standing next to him then she was a little taller **with heels on**…now~ i’m not sure how they’re gonna work around that if she takes it. even if she is still taller than him with ehr heels, the height difference won’t be as different as it was in the jdrama. i wish Soo Ae could’ve done it lol personally, to me she looks similar to the original japanese actress appearance wise 😛

    • Yeh, Sukkie wishes too! Hehe!
      I’m actually impressed they were able to pull out an actress that could be taller than Sukkie. She would have to be freaking huge to be too much more taller than him, no?
      Cool interesting fact about her being in Nonstop4 with him!

  2. Still not sure about Han Yee Seul but it’s really difficult to find partner who’s taller than Sukkie, right? But if Sukkie is okay with her, I think it will work out somehow..

    • Yup. Kind of feel the same way too. I really hope they work well together! I want to enjoy this as much as I’ve enjoyed everything else he’s done^^.

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