Some Home Town Love <3

I know I only post about Asian content here and lately only about Korean stuff (will this phase never end?) but today I wanted to do something from home for a change. That’s Nigeria in case you didn’t notice it on my huge ass header^^!


Her name is Mo’Cheddah and she records with up and coming indie label Knighthouse. Don’t be fooled by her daintiness because this pocket sized diva is fierce!!!

And very, very, very cute!!!!

She’s also finally released her first solo vid!!!! This is FRESH out the kitchen, folks as in literally just dropped!

Check it out, the song is called “If You Want Me”

Images credits as tagged.


6 responses to “Some Home Town Love <3

  1. stellena10102

    I am like really feeling this. Like seriously. This is good. Really good.

    She’s has a very breathy voice…Kind of like CL when she’s sings (I mean this in a good way of course ^^)

    And she’s very pretty @____@ EXTREMELY pretty (and I love that dress she has on in the first pic!) I think I have a crush on her haha…I’m not even gay but I’ll admit that she has me blushing at her beauty~

    Please keep us updated about her!! I really wanna hear more of her music!

    • waaaaaaahhhhhh!!! So glad you like!

      And I can’t believe you made that CL comparison because I said the EXACT same thing! It helps that she raps too and that’s when the similarity gets eerie!

      But she really is beautiful and cute cos she’s tiny like Kylie Minogue! I totally want to put her in my pocket and stroll away! Lol!

      She has a solo album due in a bit so I will definitely keep you updated.

      You can hear a song she featured on here:

      It’s called “Make it Better” and she rap/sings!

      • stellena10102

        KYAAAH!! I love this song!

        The guy at the beginning (The one who raps?) has an AWESOME accent!! I lurves it! It sounds so cute! Like Iwould love to hear him talk! (I love guys with accents >///< )

        And she does sound like CL when she raps ^^ crazy~~

        I'm serious I like this song!! Imma make it better better~~ haha I LOVE THIS! I think I found something I'm about to become obsessed with!

  2. So cool to see Mo’Cheddah getting some love. The Knighthouse sound is definitely one that reminds me a lot of some of the K-Pop stuff I have heard and I think they might be able to run nicely side-by-side with some of them :-).

    So, I do think it blends neatly with the rest of the stuff on here.

    Of course now you know you have to cover her more on here right?

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