I’m a Non-VIP VIP.

I actually think there are a lot of ladies like me and today I kind of got to wondering what’s up with us??

It started after I almost got a hernia from laughing at a blog I recently discovered called Confessions of The K-Pop Addict. Seriously everyone should check this blog out because if you like dirty noona humour you will laugh your fillings out. My sides still hurt. And she (the blogger) is soooooooo on the money with so many things (Loved her open letter to G-Dragon. Really resonated with me^^)!!! PLUS this blog is home to one of the most beautiful collections of KPop Abs in Blogosphere (and the blogger takes submissions) so make sure you check out the page called Meat Market amongst the variety of fun and unholy stuff you will find there.

Anyway, it was hard not to notice that the blogger TKPA has a thing for BB. I can totally relate to that. from reading her posts though I also got the impression that, like me, she doesn’t consider herself an official VIP. I have also come across quite a few people that align themselves similarly. Nothing against VIPs who are awesome cos they keep us in BB info, pics and vids but why is it that while some of us LOVE us some BigBang, we hesitate to call ourselves VIPs?

I really wonder about this since I have a special place in my fangirl heart for those boys and this hesitation sometimes makes me feel kind of guilty?

Here is my List of Possible Reasons:

Fan Club Phobia

In my case I know it’s not really the fear of joining a fan club because if you read my Blog you will know that I consider myself to be an Eel (fan of Jang Keun Suk) and I am gagging at the bit to give his management company my hard earned money so I can be his first official African fan (crossing my fingers that some South African heifer hasn’t already beaten me to this >.<) So that is definitely not it.

Other Allegiances

It is true my primary devotion lies somewhere else but many fangirls hold multiple fandom passports. There is just so much smexiness out there that it is cruel to ask anyone to choose. Am I really a one idol girl? I doubt it. Not with the variety of idols that bring my dirty noona to the fore! Nothing wrong with being an Eel and a VIP

Ahjumma Hang Ups

Maybe I just feel too old to be an official fan? I am significantly older than their oldest member, true. But I’m also significantly older that Sukkie and if it doesn’t bug me with him why should it bug me with them? so we can strike that 😛

Fear of Commitment

Hellooo? Engaged to be married! Plus like I said earlier, I’m an Eel.

Fear of Calling Myself a Funny Name

Er – too late for that.

Just Don’t Love Them Enough

Not trueeeee!!!!!!!! I really do love them! Together and as solo acts! I love their music and almost all their videos. The three sunbaes are my best in different orders depending on my mood and I’m going to all kinds of lengths to buy the Shine A Light Concert and Electric Love Tour DVDs!!! (YesAsia does not trade with Nigeria because, as you know, we are all scam artists and greedy dictators). I definitely love them enough.

Well, I am at the end of this post and I am no closer to figuring out my mysterious fear of official BB fandom. I like to love them from a small distance I think. But my support is real and I really want them to continue to do well.

Especially Taeyang who introduced me to KPop, G-Dragon who got me addicted to it and TOP who is Just. Too. Damn. Smexy!!!

In the backrow: Ji Young (G-Dragon), Seung Hyun (TOP) and Youngbae (TaeYang) (Sorry Dongsaes, love you too but in a different way^^)

credit: Asian Central News

PS. Forgot Laziness. It is quite a bit of work being a devoted fan to one idol much less several. That is a lot of stalking/purchasing/spazzing and I am a significantly lazy girl.


That kind of feels like it might be it. I’m too lazy to be both an Eel and A VIP but it don’t mean that I don’t love my boys!!! Lol!!!

5 responses to “Non-VIP VIPs

  1. stellena10102

    I don’t think you have to be an official VIP(as in actually buy a membership and buy all their albums and whatnot) to consider yourself one. I mean I’m not an official Dear (Gackt’s fanclub) or an official BigEast (DBSK’S Japanese fanclub….I don’t want to be a cassie >.<) but I consider myself a BigEast and a Dear because I follow them faithfully and I TRY to buy as much of their merchandise as I can afford…I don't think giving up your hard-earned money for a membership that really, wouldn't benefit you unless you lived in said celebrity's country to be a serious fan. So I don't think you should call yourself a Non-VIP VIP (haha) Just call yourself an Unofficial VIP/Eel (: like I do with Dears/BigEast/ TeamAyu

    And TaeYang…YUM~~ He was my ultimate bias in Kpop before I got into DBSK…Now it's all about Junsu~ (but I still love Taeyang to the core!)

    (btw I'm listening to Mo’Cheddah's song while typing this ^^)

    • Major Agree.
      At the end of the day your heart is what makes you a fan whether you’re card carrying or not!
      My craving for official eeldom is actually completely irrational but I want to be in the same chatroom as Sukkie even if I can’t read Hangul (he sometimes writes in English, though) and also want first hand access to the “only for official members” swag (pics and vids taken by his Sukkiness).
      It’s a sign of how gone I am, I know but what can I say. I love me some Sukkie ^________^

      I know what you mean about TaeYang. He’ll seriously always be special to me!

      Hahas!!! Glad you’re checking out Mo’Che! Wonder what you’ll think of her!

      • stellena10102

        I will admit. I really want to be a BigEast (no hope in being a Dear..yet. Because as of right now international fans can’t join D: ) because they get like special things with their CD’s and things that they buy! Plus I just love DBSK that much! So don’t feel bad about your Sukkie Love. I’m the same way with Gackt and DBSK/Junsu (God I swear if Junsu had his own fanclub I would join it quick!)

        TaeYang is just such a cutie and a down to earth guy. (You can probably tell by now that I love cute guys who can be just down right sexy when they hit the stage (Taeyang, Rain, JUNSU!)

  2. Well, I guess I am posting as an outsider on this, but maybe that’d give me some perspective?

    I know I don’t gush over anyone (girl or guy or group) enough to want to be in a chat room with them or join a fan club that actually requires my paying money for the privilege XD, but I do think the reason you are probably feeling a kind of inertia to joining the VIPs is the last one.

    Not even in a bad way. But, from what I have seen, the difference between following your favourite idol(s) and actually joining a fan club might be the difference between having a bf-gf relationship and getting married. Both have obligations, but with the latter you feel the pressure of them more? Not that I am directly comparing fan following to marriage or whatever, but I hope I got my point across?

    Anyways, I agree with stelena10102, no need to feel bad about not being a VIP. If the urge comes, then go for it right? If not, then just remain unofficial 🙂

    • Well then, I guess in fandom I’m married to Sukkie but I am open to affairs! That sounds terrible! Lol! Ah- well, I like to think I just have a really big heart.

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