Boy to Man: Xiah Junsu will “Intoxicate” You!

Credit: Jazmine*’s Flickr

DBSK/TVXQ maybe in limbo but Xiah Junsu who I previously knew for his angelic face, amazing voice and crazy infectious laugh is on a very clear road called Destiny.

With the release of the Vid for his new single “Intoxicate,” he has cast aside his adorable boyish image for that of a smouldering hot Man whose smexiness is reaching Rain levels!!!

It really has to be seen to be believed! So for your viewing pleasure:

Thanks Stellena for this info!


7 responses to “Boy to Man: Xiah Junsu will “Intoxicate” You!

  1. yes~~~ hahaha i absolutely love him, and this just makes it worse 😛

  2. haha 2 thins. 1) i’ve been looking at your blog pretty much on a daily basis since you linked it to me, i just never commented on anything 😉
    2) i’ve known about DBSK, and Junsu’s hotness, for 4 years lol so anything your friend has on her blog about any of them i probably already know/have seen 😛

    • Lolol!!!
      Hey, I didn’t know you came by here everyday!! That’s so cool, Korin!!! Yayyy!!! *hug attacks you*
      Oh – and I know girl, I saw your wall! keke! The link is just cos there’s nothing like spazzing with people who get it, right?

  3. …oh yea XDDDD i forgot about my giant poster on my wall…idk how that happened 😛

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