Speak of the Dragon…!

credit: My screencap.

Style to Die for? Kekeke!

Is it because I was talking so much about him today?

I’ve been on a G-Dragon high since I saw the trailer for the movie release of his concert yesterday and I know I have been talking off the ears of my loved ones trying to share who he is and why he’s so cool to them! I probably exhausted their patience (Sorry!/Gomenasai!/Miane!) but just as they say no good deed goes unpunished, it seems not so good ones get rewarded!!!

I was literally force showing my sis all my G-Dragon vids (I’ve actually accumulated more than I realized #-_-# ) when the news popped up on Kpop Rants (bless their scoop happy hearts) that an excerpt from the Shine a light concert movie, the creepy, controversial vid for G-dragon’s song, “She’s Gone” has just been released!!!! Literally the vid I had just been showing my sister the blurry, fan cam version of!!!

So here it is in technicolor, minus shaky fan cam! An homage to vintage, psycho killer horror!

(thanks for the upload bigbangupdatesblog!)

Didn’t I say he was something else? So coooooool! I feel bad he got in so much trouble for it! Just put an R-rated sticker on it dude! Case closed!


4 responses to “Speak of the Dragon…!

  1. The video was pretty cool and G Dragon played to his strength as a bishounen.

    Don’t see what all the fuss is about in the video. Only time I see a problem is if indeed there were minors at the concert where he showed it, then fine.

    If not, then no problem.

    • T o be perfectly honest, I don’t know for sure that there weren’t minors because I don’t think the event was advertised as something that minors were not allowed too.
      Oh well, you live and learn. Least I hope you do!
      In the meanwhile, Yes, Def, Bishounen and Very, Very, Pimp!!!

      • Yeah there were minors there…like 15 year olds I think…But it wasn’t this video that caused a ruckus (or maybe it was idk)…it was the performance for Breathe where he was on the bed with the girl…but I didn’t find it that big a deal…I mean they’re crazy if they think 15 year olds don’t know what sex is….S. Korea gets crazy over the dumbest things.

        And yes G-dragon is a serious pimp…but he hasn’t reached Pimp!Chun’s level yet haha

        • yup, I think you’re right.
          It was the “breathe” performance which I have to say if they were looking for something to pounce on was far tamer than “She’s Gone.”
          But, hey, they banned Rain’s video cos he ran down a street, right? They’re definitely on a whole different criteria list from me! Lol!
          And as for Pimping, Chun will always be the reference point! (*sings* Baby, I got your money, don’t you worry!)

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