NOTICE: Moving My Eye Candy^^

My Eye Candy Page was sort of my KPop 101 page where I feature and talk about Kpop MVs I really like as I have been discovering them.

The main aim is to help anyone just getting into the genre like me and give them entry points for getting into it along with background info on the featured artists to help in differentiating them (which can be tough for newbies cos they’re so many, their styles can be pretty similar and they are, everyone of them, beautiful!!!!).

I’ve decided to integrate my Eye Candy page into my blog home page because the posts will be easier to see here and I can have them as a series of posts instead of one big post I am constantly updating!!!

My Eye Candy page will be transformed to something else that I have been thinking of for a while. I couldn’t come to a wise decision by thinking so I have decided to plunge in and try it! I am dedicating that page to my attempts at fanfic!!!!

So please watch out for it and support me!


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