Neogogo’s Eye Candy: G-Dragon – Butterfly

So without further ado: Starting with an all time favourite that is actually not typical of KPop! It is very good Eye Candy though! I loooooooooove this vid and G-Dragon’s whimsical self in it!

G Dragon (Kwon Ji-Yong (Korean: 권지용) (born August 18, 1988)) is leader of the boy/hip-hop band BigBang of YGEntertainment. He is a prodiguously talented singer, rapper, dancer and song writer. He is also as cute as a room full of models and box full of buttons yet he manages to have the enormous amounts of swag needed to pull off hip-hop.

Seriously!!! With his hard to resist punk/cherub/absolute bishounen combo good looks he is probably the first authentic male ingenue I have ever identified! And I have NEVER seen anyone with as many looks as G-Dragon. He is true fan-girl fodder.

This video is for a song called “Butterfly” from his debut solo album ‘Heartbreaker.’ I chose it as the first vid on my Eye Candy page because it’s sooo beautiful and whimsical. It’s like watching something between a beautiful, magical fantasy anime and live action. In it Gdragon is a bishounen manga character come to life!

You will definitely see more of him on this page. Hope you enjoy this vid :)


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