K-Pop-O-Drama: This and That

I hate when I can’t blog for a while! So much stuff happens and so many things aggregate that I no longer know where to start!

damn my deadlines!!!!!!!!!

*big sigh*

anyways gonna try and give a run down of some things I like that have gone down while I was out and where to find out more. Here goes:

Oh My Baby

I’ve already mentioned how I think Kim Yu Bin is the cutest little girl in the world right??? She is quickly becoming my main reason for watching Oh My Lady, Choi Si Won fan service not withstanding. So when I found out on Dramabeans that  Si Won recently twittered cute pics of himself with her getting along like a house on fire (unlike in the show, keke)…!!! Omo!!! My heart!!!!

The pics are all over netdom now so I think it’s cool to put them up here right?

I’m still mopping myself off the floor!!! What can I do to have a child like this??? She is adorableness!!!!!! And they look too cute together! lolololol!!! Sorry Chae Rim but Kim Yu Bin is my new leading lady!!!

G-Dragon’s Trailer for Shine A Light Concert Movie

(crap. can’t remember the credit for this! Sorry!^^)

I’m G-DRAGON namdeuri mworageon
Jakdago eoridago
Namdeuri mworageon (WO)

from G-Dragon’s “A Boy”

I always get a flutter in my heart when ever I see news about any of the BigBang boys! Does that mean I’m a VIP in denial? I just really love their stuff and I think the documentary of their making was genius cos it really worked on me!!!^^ I am so invested in them and their progress! Lol!!!

Anyways, Big Bang leader Kwon Ji Young, better known as G-Dragon recently premiered the movie of his Shine A Light Concert (I think in Times Square?) and finally we can see a trailer for the movie!

(Found @ Kpop Rants)

This encapsulates much of what I’ve come to love about GD as a performer! Energy, creativity, details, insane charisma and the ability to take viewers to another place! He really deserves to be BB’s leader and I feel like I will expire if I cannot get this movie!!! o(><)o

(credit: AA-Chan Blog)

I am particularly proud of everything he’s overcome to get here now, plagiarism accusations, censorships and fines, all at such a young age and he beat everything. I really believe he’s one of the acts the world needs to keep an eye on and I hope his star continues to rise.

His Sukkieness’ Triumphant Beijing FM

(credit as tagged. Image found at Sear’s Blog. Shared by Xene@Soompi)

There were a few hiccups on entering China. An unfortunate incident at the airport in Beijing and a bit of chaos too but from the press conference it was all smooth as gravy! You can read all the nitty gritty about it including messages direct from Sukkie at my two favourite spots for all things JKS:

Sears Blog

JKS Thread @ Soompie

(I prefer to leave the JKS news and info gathering to them since they do it sooooooooo well! My Sukkie stuff will usually focus more on his impact on me^^)

He’s already back in Korea and attending premieres and things looking as pleased as can be with himself. This makes me happy, happy ^______^

(credit as tagged. Image found at Sears Blog. Shared by dcgall + changhui miclub)

Something about Sukkie’s pleasure is always so contagious!

okie this is all I have time for now!

I feel some spazzes building up though so watch out!!!


4 responses to “K-Pop-O-Drama: This and That

  1. OK.

    Oh My Baby

    The kid is just too precious!! She is so pretty~! I want a kid like that!! (too bad I’m not Asian >.<)
    Siwon…he's hot but, I don't like him very much anymore when he said something that I felt he should have kept to himself…*he said he doesn't look at homosexuals as human beings O.O…It was totally un-called for…and totally made me not like him at all. ):
    G-Dragon’s Trailer for Shine A Light Concert Movie

    it looks epic!! I love G-dragon so I really want to see this concert!! It looks more…professional than other Korean concerts?? …usually Korean concerts are pretty blah for me (even TVXQ's) maybe it's because I'm so used to the epicness that is Japanese concerts haha but his looks like it would even meet Japanese requirements! ^O^
    His Sukkieness’ Triumphant Beijing FM

    He is just too cute for words~ *sigh* I am really starting to fall in love him! It's taking me forever to finish You're Beautiful because school and work! I'm only on episode 10 D:

    • Hi Stellena^^!

      Re: Siwon: Did he really say that? How mean! And what an unwise thing for a public figure to say! Aishhh, those churchers r too much sometimes! Hope it was one of those naughty journalist quoting out of context things! Anywayz, will try not to let it spoil my enjoyment of the show and Kim Yu Bin’s cheeks!

      re: G-Dragon: That’s why he has my respect. That boy works soooooo hard to be the best and he has genius bones. From what I saw, that concert will be soooo sick, including the questionable parts he got fined for. An entertainment experience extrodinaire. I believe he’s gunning for Rain’s King of Pop spot. He’s just a different type. More punk and out there which I actually find more interesting. So I’m DYING for the DVD release! Korea let him release it already T.T

      re: Sukkie: I have nothing coherent to say about my Sukkie right now. Just lots of purring noises and kyaaaahhhhhhhh! But I’m so glad you admire him too!!! Good luck finishing YAB! It always surprises me when I go back to it and see him as HTK again. I’m so used to his dorky, smiley happy go lucky self now^^ okie, off to ur blog to appreciate some Su too! Lol!

      • HI HI!! *dude I have no idea what to call you??! What should call you?*

        Yeah he said it…If I remember right he said it on a show…If that’s his belief than fine I respect that but I just didn’t think it was appropriate to say on television >._>) but don’t let it ruin the show for you. Just think of him as the character and no one else haha

        I love G-Dragon too~ I think people just don’t understand him…He’s not like other K-Pop acts which is what I like about him! He stands out and he does what he wants without worrying about what others think. His concert looks so amazing~! I can’t wait to watch it!

        YAB is so good!! and I’m so angry that I can’t finish it all in one go (which is what I usually do when I really like a drama) I’m off tomorrow so maybe I’ll have time to get a few episodes in ^O^

        Sukkie…he is just so CUTE!! He reminds me a lot of Chunface (aka yoochun hehe) because he has that kind of elegant look about him~ you know what I mean??

        • Heehee! U can call me Neo!
          And I agree with you on every point!^^
          Except I’ve been so busy studying JJ and Su I didn’t have time to notice Chun’s elegance T T!
          But I’ve made a note now and he’s next under my fan girl microscope!

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