Chung Lim’s “Face”

credit: screencap

I really have no idea who he is but he just released a new MV for a song called “Face” to promote what is apparently a come back mini album?

I’m posting this because:

1. he’s hella cute!

2. This song is actually not bad…

3. The MV made me wonder: Men in eyeliner; finally mainstream???

4: And most importantly: reverse undressing fanservice (:27 – :42)!!! Fufufu!!!XD


credit: as branded.

and just cos I’m such a nice blogger, an image from his first mini album.

*discreetly passes you drool napkin*

(Got this news from kpop rants!)


8 responses to “Chung Lim’s “Face”

  1. I do admit that he is indeed a fine boy, however, the way his face keeps changing to resemble multiple Korean pop stars is quite frankly a bit scary :-/.

    Nice outfits in the video though!

    • oh come on! What’s so wrong with getting 3 or 4 for the price of one, eh? I think one of the looks is even Rain oppa!

      • Lol. Yes, one of the looks is most definitely Rain oppa!

        Well, let’s see what else this guy’s got! I give you a two more videos to convince me 😀

        • eh – I’m not sure but I think he might only have two vids! I haven’t seen the other but it wasn’t recommended too highly where I read of it, so let’s just give him a couple of months and see what else he comes out with, shall we? 🙂

  2. ChungLim…I’ve heard of him. But I never really paid much attention to him because he came out around the same time as AJ (but he’s pretty hot ^^)

    his song was pretty good though but I find he looks too much like that guy from SS501 (i can’t remember that guy’s name right now to save my life!) the one who was in BBF?? He looks a lot like him at times…and sometimes he even looks like Se7en o.O LOL

    • Lololol!!!
      This seems to be a real problem for him! The the post on kpop rants where i found him was full of similar comments of how he looks like this person or that person! It’s HILARIOUS!!!

      But seriously, maybe his management needs to look into creating a more unique look for him or this would really start to get creepy or even back fire on him!

      • I think his management need to create a new look for him too…because he won’t be able to really stand out until they do D:

        • yup. Hope they work it out. Can’t think of any suggestions of the top of my head but I think it would be a waste if they don’t. He really has potential and he is quite Yummy! Lol!

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