Miss Me??? No???

Ah – rats! To get anyone to miss me I probably need to stay away for more than a couple of days, lol!!!

Well since it doesn’t look like that’s possible, here’s some selcas of me on the business trip I’m on.

Le Meridien, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Enjoying my perks! Hehe

*sings* Welcome to the Good Life…!

(just kidding, I am actually dog tired and my butt hurts from sitting in meeting all day! =_=)


6 responses to “Miss Me??? No???

  1. girl! I missed you! I checked your blog everyday to see if you posted something new!!

    btw girl you are working that bathrobe!!

    • *snapping my fingers* Heeeeeeeeyyyyyyy!!!
      Hehe! Ur the best! Thanx for the ego boost! Nice when someone notices ur missing T.T!!! And hey, I saw ur news!!! Looking forward to your forthcoming spazz!^^

      • Of course I knew that you were gone! I check your blog everyday!

        And thanks! I just read your comment and just reposted that entry!…Though I didn’t really spazz how I wanted to ^^;

  2. I concur, neogogo + bathrobe + hotel room = Hawt stuff.

    I also check your blog every day >.>;;

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