Time for a Sukkie Spazz!!!

All images used credited as marked/labeled (and if not, pls. forgive!!!)

Okay, I’m taking a leaf out of your blog Stellena and I’m going to do a spazz post because I’m coming to believe that spazzing is good for the fan girl heart!^^

This one is dedicated of course to my personal no. 1, Jang Keun Suk or Sukkie as I will refer to him hereafter. I think it’s time I outlined the history of this craziness and also maybe even shed some light on why he is my primary fangirl idol.

Truth be said, I haven’t even adored his Sukkieness for that long. I just discovered him and it was all because of a craving I had for doramas this year that made me go on a binge! The first thing I saw with him in it is “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do” which I watched because I had just seen “Temptation of a Wolf” which had been written by the same internet author Guiyeoni (both really cool films by the way. Also see “He Was Cool.”)

I don’t remember what coincidence it was that brought me to watch You’re Beautiful next, but I didn’t even know Sukkie was the same guy from Do Re Mi till after I had finished the series and I was stalking researching him online. I remember being completely shocked because of just how different he was in the two roles. I’m usually pretty good at noticing actors I’ve seen before but Sukkie slipped passed my radar like a phantom. It was literally like he was two. different. people.

But that’s a different point that I’ll get back to (if I remember!).

This was my experience watching Sukkie in YAB as I remember it:

– Hm. That’s the lead singer. Wonder if he’s the romantic interest. What’s up with his hair??? And is that a blouse? 0.O

– Awww, Jeremy is cute but I like Shin Woo best! ^__^ Hope he’s the love interest. But it’s probably Tae Kyung cos he’s so mean faced. >:-(

– Jeeze, why does he scowl all the time? Ooh but i kinda like his walk. It’s like a swagger. Pretty hot.

– His voice is hot too. You wouldn’t think such a slender man would have such a masculine voice. Hmmm. He is getting fascinating…

– Muahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

– Hm. I still like Shin Woo but I think I like Tae Kyung better now! He’s so arrogant and funny at the same time! It’s cute how he bosses Go Mi Nam around and I like when he does his hair in a coconut tree! And he has such nice shoulders!!!

– OMO! OMO! He just smiled!!!!! O.O

– Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh! I like Tae Kyung best!!!! I want him and Go Mi Nam to be together foreverrrrrrrrrr<<<<<33333!!!! *_________*

…And I’m afraid it kind of all goes downhill from there.

Anyway believe it or not, I still wasn’t completely bedazzled by him. Just seriously fascinated. It was when I finished he show and began to look him up, watching behind the scene vids as well as the host of other Sukkie vids that are available on YT that I became what I call a Sukkieholic!


Cos to my utter shock he was nothing like Tae Kyung! The real Sukkie is a really talented but also warm, playful, mischievous, social guy who gives the impression of being comfortable in front of cameras without being too slick and seems to enjoy a real (and this is not a rose tinted view) connection with his fans. He is a little vain (he LOVES his clothes and experimenting with his hair and taking pics! It’s adorable!), a little (okay a lot) dorky and always brutally honest, giving away details of himself most people would cringe to admit. It was amazing for me to see that a person like this pulled off Tae Kyung’s stiff character the way he did!

The other thing that caught me about him is how he is with his Eels (his fans). I honestly have never seen any celebrity anywhere in the world that seems quite as pleased to see his fans as our Sukkie appears to be. The delight in his eyes, the huge grin, the bounce in his step when they are around is something I noticed in so many of his vids, even when he is tired. At his FM at Seoul he broke down and became tearful at the end of the show. In Taiwan he clutched a scrapbook that a fan had struggled on stage to give to him like his life depended on it.

When an appearance of his got canceled due to a National Incident he made sure that the fans that waited for him got fed with delicious kimbap (like sushi), a very special kind that is more expensive than the regular type.

One just needs to see the messages he shares with his eels to know why they love him so much. Funny, affectionate, honest, direct, silly, playful, enthusiastic, sleepy, excited, bossy, thankful, sad, happy, gleeful…these and so many more are the many faces of Sukkie that his Eels get to see though his messages and his chat room conversations. I believe being able to see those faces is what keeps his Eels with him.

Wow…this post turned out super long and I didn’t even get to just how hawt he is!!!

Ah – well, maybe there will have to be a part 2. Then I’ll spazz about the movie roles he’s done, his commercials, his kiss scenes and his looks over the years!

Look forward to it, please!

Bye cri ~

PS. If you love Sukkie too, here are cool places to go for current info and where you can meet fellow eels:

Sears Blog

Soompie JKS Official Thread

JKS Official Fan Site

7 responses to “Time for a Sukkie Spazz!!!

  1. Your spazz is so much better than mine!!! *jealous!!*

    I love how you went into detail and talked about how much he means to you~ with pictures to further explain!! (MUCH better than me going on an on about how hot they are lol)

    Like you said you didn’t even go into how hot he was but you didn’t need to do it because I think you have totally converted me to him!! One thing that I love from celebrities is when they love their fans 😀 So he got MAJOR cool points from me ^^

    and OMFG! I love you Chunnie and I love you JJ but man JKS has got a sexy collarbone/adam’s apple/shoulders!!!! I was staring at the fourth pic for like 5 minutes I kid you not!!

    • Waaaahhhhttt??!! Thanks but I like yours better!!!^^ No endless rambling, you get down to the business! How else would I have been converted from JJ to Su without you to point out (quite emphatically) his hot points!!!! But thanks! Ur words mean a lot!

      Kekeke, and I did think you might appreciate that pic!!!

      • It wasn’t me that converted you, it was Su’s charisma! LOL

        And believe me! I totally appreciated that pic so much! He is so~ SEXY! I’m trying to type this but I keep scrolling back up to to look at that pic some more :”>

        I can’t wait to see part 2!!

  2. AlwaysloveSukkie

    OmO..OmO…NeoGoGo..you just describe everything exactly the same as in my mind about Sukkie..and I admit it..I’m Sukkieholic too!!!! He’s captured my heart since Hwang Ji Ni so I always try to find n watch his movies n drama n till now I”ve never found any actor that i adore for such along time but HIM! I admire his works through every roles he played! You’ve aalready seen it too, between DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo n You are Beautiful, there are huge different image we felt though he played such similar character as band member! When you see his others movies or dramas, you will feel the same way..but what interest me more is his treat to his fans..omo..omo..he’s so niceeeee…like you said..i never found any actors that treat his fans so nice like him!! But I admit it his stardom is explode because of his last role in YaB..no wonder cause he played amazingly wonderful to bring up Hwang tae Kyung alive!! such amazing role..you can feel his character by only looking at his expression!
    Thanks NeoGoGo..love you!!!

    • Hahas!!!! I’m so glad you liked it and that you feel the same way!!! I have been slowly going through his work and I am yet to see a role that he does not completely disappear into. If I did not know who he was, I would always not realize that he was the same person! He’s amazing like that! My oppa (bless his patient soul) is helping me get Itaewon Homicide. I can’t imagine how it will be to see him play a villain but I will make sure I update everyone!

      And I really wanted to talk about his relationship with his fans since its one of the things that makes our Sukkie special! *sigh* he’s just the best isn’t he? Playing with us all the time! Waaaaaaahhh!!!! I love him because he always makes me smile ^_________^

      I haven’t gotten to HJN or HGD yet. They are probably just going to make me love him more!!! Otokajo???

      Thanks so much for reading Alwayslove Sukkie!! Love ur name btw!^^

  3. Ilove yuo alam mo ba pinanononod kita palagi tuwing alas dus na hapon

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