I want to be an official Cri-J!!!!!!! :(((


Everytime Sukkie comes online i can only wait patiently till someone is kind enough to come to a forum and tell us what they saw in jangeo heaven!!! (that’s what I now call the official JKS website). Evrytime he does a personal vid for his Eels all I can do is hope for screen caps!!! SCREEN CAPS!!!

Tree J: How Much Longer till we can register again???????!!!


(ok. phew. Needed to get that of my chest.)

Translations for Non-Eels

Eel: A fan of Jang Keun Suk. Gotten from english translation of the word Jangeo, a word that means both “eel” and “fans of jang”

Jangeo: See Above

Cri-J: Official name of JKS fan club

Tree-J: JKS management company


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