My Sukkielicious Momo!!!^^

credit: I don’t now anymore! Soompie? Pls dont be mad at me!! T T

Well it’s everywhere now but I’m still going to say it here because dammit I’m an Eel (though unofficial as of yet) and it’s my job!

It’s finally been announced officially that my Sukkie will be Momo in Korean Movie version of J-Drama, “Kimi Wa Petto.” I am, as I was before, all rainbows, ponies and swallows about this!!!^^

Here are the reasons why I know he is absolutely going to nail this role:

1. His amazing level of commitment to every role he takes

2. His performance in “Going Crazy Waiting” where he plays a youth in a relationship with an older woman with charm and conviction.

3. Sukkie charming the socks of the the noonas and ahjummas on Ideal Type World Cup when he shows them how he does aegyo (cute expression) via texting (ahh – that bit totally got me too! Lolol!!!)

credit: my screen cap.

and finally

4. Hullo??? Look at him!!!!!!

credit: once again, I’m sorryyyyyyyy!!! T T

I will admit it, I was a little nervous about the ballet thing. Sukkie is a trooper and he looks cute as hell when he’s doing routines to sexy back or mimicking abracadabra – but he’s no ballerina! But I hear he’s already in training so I’ve decided to put my faith in him. I’m sure he’ll stun us as usual in the end!!!

So excited to see a new Jang Keun Suk! This one with ballet muscles!!! Waaaaaahhhh!!! I wish they’d start filming already!!!

The source of this news for me was Dramabeans.

And now for your enjoyment! Cute bedroom moment from Going crazy waiting! This could have been his audition for Kimi Wa Petto!!!

Just Sukkielicious!

8 responses to “My Sukkielicious Momo!!!^^

  1. lanilakwatsera

    hey there!
    I am SO sure that your SUKKIE will give justice and lots of *ooooomph* to Momo!
    From a MatsuJun fan to a JGS-fan, here’s wishing a successful filming for Kimi Wa Petto (korea) 🙂

    • Hee hee!!! Thanks, that’s very much appreciated! I love Matsumoto too. His Domyoji was so cute!!!!

      • stellena10102

        Agree~ lanilakwatsera!

        I haven’t been following Korean Ent. like I used to…I don’t even know who that guy is ^__^;

        But I love MatsuJun and I loved Kimi wa Petto and I hope he’ll do it justice~ (He has some big shoes to fill 🙂 )

        *He’s a cutie though :”>


        yes!! MatsuJun’s Domyoji was the absolute best!!

        • It’s so funny cos my Sukkie almost played Domyoji too in the Korean version of hana yori dango.
          Then the character he ended up playing instead (Tae Kyung in You’re Beautiful) was a beautiful arrogant type too.
          Now Sukkie ended up replacing the guy originally casted for Momo (who just happened to be the guy who Did play the Korean Domyoji) and is once again in MatsuJun’s footsteps!
          Don’t even know what to make of all of it! 0.O

  2. AlwaysloveSukkie

    You love Sukkie? me tooooo!! I always enjoy to read your blog cause we have the same interest.
    Keep blogging about him !!!

  3. stellena10102

    OK…after reading this post I was really curious about this JKS guy lol

    So I googled him…can I just say: UNF~!!!

    And I have also began watching You’re Beautiful (After holding off on it for so long ^_^; ) because of him!!

    So…yeah…just wanted to say thanks~~

    • OMO!!! That’s so cool!!!!! Waaaahhhhhhhh!!! I’m glad you like him!!! Hope you enjoy YAB, it’s such a cute little drama and he’s sooo good in it! Yay, you made my day!!! ^_______^

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