Neogogo’s new look…;p

I’m revisiting a look I had in ’99. Bangs!!!

still getting used to it, though.

I’m wondering if i shouldn’t go shorter? Maybe just at the ears?

Gonna update my profile image!


4 responses to “Neogogo’s new look…;p

  1. stellena10102

    Kyaa! Love it! It looks very chic! I have bangs too but recently I’ve decided to grow them out 😦

    As for you cutting it shorter…I think you should keep it like this! It looks good the way you have it now…but if you really want to cut it short I think you should! I, myself, have always wanted to cut my hair short but have never had the courage lol >_>

  2. Love the look babe. Should definitely keep it at this height though unless you actually just want to go short for the sake of having your hair cut more as opposed to wondering if it would make the style better.

    Also, new look for Sugar Water?

  3. @stellena: hahas!! thanks for the feedback!!

    Maybe I’ll keep it at this length for now instead of getting too scissors happy!
    You’re growing out your bangs? Nothing wrong with refreshing your look every now and then. Bet it looks fabby!

    As for hair cutting, if you have really long hair I would think loooooooong and haaaaaard b4 making that commitment. Can’t go back you know so you have to really want it!

    My big secret? I cheated!! I put in a weave and cut that so my real hair is nice and safe XD

    Goodness, can’t believe I just admitted that!!!

  4. @yegwa: thanks hun!!!
    Yup, experimenting with sugarwater looks! Please bear with the header until I can make me a wicked awesome one! Lol!

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