Oh My KPop Stars, He’s back!!!

How the heck did I miss this when I was waiting for it??? If I hadn’t been burning time I don’t have browsing blogs, kpop ones to be precise, If I hadn’t run into Lady Dynamite’s intriguing blog (a place I will be returning to by and by…), I might have completely missed this…

Gonna watch it now and update. You watch too!!!

It’s Raining!!!!

UPDATE: Holy caramel, that was purely ab-tastic! And the song wasn’t bad either, hehehe!!! No but seriously is that girl in the video insane??? How could she not respond to all that??? Unless…

Of course, it’s all a ploy to get angelic, lovable, huggable Rain to morph into dark, eyeliner wearing (and it looked GOOD!) Rain angsting over her, then glistening, unbelievable bod Rain flexing on her behalf and finally, the thing we all want, simply, shirtless Rain bringing all his fickle, distracted fan girls drooling firmly back to him.

Hm. Good Plan.

Ok, off to take long, cold shower.

PS. The vid plays over twice, the second time with no sound. Maybe so we can more carefully appreciate the fine – ah – details without being distracted by his beautiful voice? Lololol!!!

4 responses to “Oh My KPop Stars, He’s back!!!

  1. Looks like Rain’s comeback is harder than Usher’s own.

    (Must really talk to hired thu…help about visiting Rain and leaving him a ‘present’)

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