K Pop Update: SNSD, G-Dragon

credit: SeoulBeat

SNSD finally dropped the story version of Run Devil Run aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…

Well, I kinda think maybe they should have just started out with this one cos it doesn’t feel like they added that much of anything new. I guess it’s cool that each version can work on it’s own.

But the girls look a-mayzing and that hasn’t changed!

Judge for yourself:

This info is courtesy of PopSeoul who are very good at this sort of thing! Lol!


Credit: Angela of scintilla-love.blogspot.com

As an unofficial fan of the adorable boys of BigBang, you can’t imagine how my stomach jumped yesterday morning when PopSeoul broke the news that G-Dragon has dropped a special 2nd CD for his Shine A Light Album featuring killer remixes of Heartbreaker, A Boy, This Love and Breathe!!!

Heartbreaker actually has two remixes, one of them featuring popular american hiphop act Flo Rida.

Credit: PopSeoul Credit: Angela of scintilla-love.blogspot.com

Oooooooh, that cross over dream is slowly coming into focus!!! XD

Best of all, a MrTadaMusic was obliging enough to put them up on YouTube so you can actually hear how GD-elicious these tracks sound!!!

So far my fave is the A Boy Choice 37 Remix (you have to wait till after the first chorus for it to kick in)

Waaaaaaaahhhhh! I want to own this CD!!!! Xp


2 responses to “K Pop Update: SNSD, G-Dragon

  1. OMG!! I also consider myself an unofficial fan of BB and I did not know about this!!

    A Boy, Heartbreaker and Breathe are my favorite songs on that damn album! *not to mention The Leaders…that song is sick as hell!* I have to get those damn remixes ASAP!

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