After School comes out with a Bang!!!

(the former line up)

I am still brand new to the fantastic world of kpop though I’m properly hooked on the genre. As a result there are a lot of popular groups that I’m still getting to know. One such group is the eight member Pledis Entertainment Girl Group, After School, who just released a new single and it’s accompanying music video, “Bang.”

Just about my only connection to this group was the fact that I was familiar with big eyed, legs to her armpits, round cheeked member Uee from the show You’re Beautiful (that turned me into a raving Jang Keun Suk fan girl) where she played bad girl against Park Shin Hye’s innocent Go Mi Nam.

I was fascinated when I read on Pop Seoul about their preparations for this particular single which is  a come back as their last single came out last year November.

The theme for this single is a marching band and the concept pics and teasers  feature the girls in what look like cute, brightly coloured marching band uniforms, a definite departure from the black, sexy looks that is right now prevalent among the other girl bands.

In preparation for this song the girls had to train with marching band drums for 5 whole months!!!

That more than anything piqued my interest! One thing I have to say about kpop acts is; it’s so easy to criticize them because they are not dealing in a product with too much intellectual value, but what they do, which is entertain, they do very well. More than that, they really put in the work and that’s something I can always respect especially coming from where I do.

Anyway, I was delighted to find the vid up on you tube today and I finally got to watch it. Final verdict: The girls looked great! Like sexy candy bars in their bright costumes, the choreography and the drumming did not disappoint me. The song however was little noisy in some places and kinda easy to forget once I stopped listening to it which was kind of disappointing. Maybe it’s one of those pieces that grows on you?

Anyway, I will definitely look up more After School and decide how I feel about them based on a wider variety of their work. Meanwhile, it was cool to see Uee again! She’s super cute!!!

Check out the MV for yourself below.


UPDATE: yeah, it grew on me! though i still have no idea what’s up with the weird voices in the beginning! wouldn’t mind an explanation!


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