Okay people listen up cos I had to cut my mourning short for this!

There’s this new Anime that I just watched two episodes of and immediately got hooked on like crack cos it’s sooooooooooooooo freakin’ hilarious. It’s called Durarara!! (or DRRR!!) and I think it’s literally airing right now so I have to wait for each episode 😦

It’s made by the same guys who made Baccano if you’ve seen that and has that same style of what seems like a massive amount of characters in random bizarre and disparate adventures till it all starts to come together as the series progresses. But where Baccano! takes quite a few eppies to start making any kind of sense, Durarara!! grabs you in that 1st episode and enslaves you by the second one.

Without giving anything whatsoever away, main character moves to bright city lights of Ikebukuro (large entertainment and commercial district of Japan. Maybe like Times Square but bigger?) in Tokyo at invitation of former middle school best friend. Learns of the three most dangerous characters he should never cross in that city and promptly encounters all of them. And lemme tell ya; these guys are bad news!

Like I said it features many characters but you don’t feel lost so much as intrigued at every turn. You get the feeling that your narrator is very much in control (unlike some other series I could mention *coughCodeGeasscough*) so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

The animation style itself is very cool so it’s nice to look at and the intro and outro songs are pretty sweet. All in all it’s definitely, on the strength of those first episodes, my first pick of the season. I’m hoping this is a sign of things to come in 2010!



2 responses to “Durarara!!

  1. Hehe, great mini review babe.Slight correction though, we have seen 3 episodes so far. Not ure how many episodes they are going for this time, but with the quality of the animation so far, they might keep it to the more mangaeable 12/13 episodes with a few bonus ones thrown in on the dvd release.I am quite happy that at this season is not just gonna be filled with leftovers from the previous season (Full Metal Alchemist) or fanservice/ecchi shows (Seikon…) or lolicon grossness (Dance in the Vampire Bund). So, even if this is the only anime I watch this season, its a good one!

  2. Ah yes, ur right of course!See? It was so good that 3 eppies felt like 2!

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