Wai jai! Why???!!! After all these years!

No, the image is sadly not a movie still and yes, I am in deep mourning as I put away my fondest fantasy of somehow stealing Tony Leung away from his girlfriend of 19 years (I’m not saying she’s not a trooper).

It’s true that it was a flawed fantasy full of logistical nightmares like getting to Hong Kong, battling other better equipped fan girls and then convincing Y to accept our new polygamous status but as fantasies go, it was definitely an old favourite.

My devotion to this actor started I think 7 years ago when I saw Chung King Express and has grown with every one of his movies I’ve been able to lay my hands on. But I was not a very good devotee, I think. After all this apparently happened in 2008 and look when I’m finding out!

Ah, well, out of respect to Carina (the new Mrs. Leung) who I have to say was a most worthy opponent, I must put aside my fan girl torch and retire to the position of regular fan.

Goodbye Wai jai. You were the best matinee idol a fan girl could ever day dream about. Goodbye! <——@

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