I heart Asian Cinema 3: Chung King Express

Thought I should start the year off with a continuation of my AZN film series! If you remember, it’s about Asian films for newbies, movies to get into the genre with. The third entry is actually a film that beat out Godfather as my all time bestest movie:

Chung King Express

A whimsical sort of existentialist HK romance by the god of film making Wong Kar Wai, this is the one that made me (and countless other auteur wannabes no doubt) want to be a film maker.

It’s made up of two intermingling stories about paths crossing and loneliness. A cop and and a beautiful illegal immigrant traffiker take up the first half and a traffic warden and a girl that works in a fast food place (Chung King Express) but dreams of moving to California take up the second.

You don’t need to know about all the awards it swept at Cannes or how its DP Christopher Doyle is the bEST cinematographer in the world or even just how cute Faye Wong is in this film. All you need to know is that this is a beautiful, unforgettable drama that will make you love the song, California Dreamin’ by the Mamas and the Papas.

It also has Tony Leung in one of the roles that made me literally fall in love with him.

*sigh. A must see for any true film buff.

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