Have no fear! These reviews are 100% Spoiler Free

Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Yes to what you’re thinking from looking at the image.
And no. Actually, it’s kind of complicated. Let’s just say with this anime, you must come with your mind’s doors wide open!
Utena is a girl that meets a prince when she is little and has just lost her parents. The Prince is kind to her and givers her a ring. The experience so impresses her that she decides to become a prince too (nope. not a princess. A prince.) She even wears a sort of boys uniform at school. Then she meets a damsel who seems to be in distress and finally gets a chance to be a true prince. In doing so she gets caught up in stuff you really have to see to believe.
I like this because there’s just so much to love in this crazily decadent ride of a show. Everything is so random and clearly metaphorical and though the same things happen all the time, you still never know what’s going to happen next! The characters are wonderfully flamboyant and the bishounen!!! I challenge you to try and tell them apart from the female characters in the opening song before you’ve watched any of the series. and the Also, the theme song is fabulously weird and cool!


Ok, not to sound too defensive but I’m really watching this for research. Because it’s about a group of girls that make a band. Like my graphic novel (ahem!) They are super cute and so are their songs and it’s really kind of like easy listening which is not a bad thing. I’ve only watched 2 and half episodes so I’m probably not the best person to review! Will get back to you on it.

Mitchiko to Hachin

What? Still?
What can I say? I took a break when we couldn’t find – er -a source for a while and then when we found them I was watching other stuff…
Anyways, I still like this show a lot. Very stylish art work and the story is interesting to me though I don’t think Y really dug it that much.
I shrug at him.

Gundam 00

Didn’t think I was gonna like this show. Even though it has giant robots that blow things to smithereens, I really thought it might take itself too seriously. And it does sometimes but then there are two things that make it all good: the characters, Lockon Stratos (middle left) and Alleluya (can I get an amen!) Haptist (middle right).

The Gundams themselves are very sweet and I have been very impressed with the escalating action sequences. I am so putting a Gundam on my Christmas list (make it happen, Santa.)

This is my first Gundam series and I haven’t gone very far in but I look forward to getting to know this world as well as I got to know the Mecha, Pop Idol and Love triangle world of Macross.

I have to say one thing though. The main character (extreme left) is a douche bag. That is all.

Shounen Onmyouji

Though in a way this is about the relationship between a god type guy and a teenage boy, alas it is not a shounen-ai. That aside it is actually quite interesting seeing as it’s partly based on a real historical character.

I think I particularly like it because, I have to admit, I am a sucker for mononoke wrangling type stories! Plus, it’s got laughs which I like in any genre.

That’s all for now folks.

Technically there should be more on the list but these are the ones that I actually have (as opposed to them being on Y’s computer and us watching them together. Hmm, “Animes to watch with ur Fiance.” Whole other Post!) and am committed to.

It’s no wonder I have no time to finish FFX.


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