Post Dated: Resolution 2009 – A life more Interesting…

Sunny Jerusalem!

June 12th, 2009

Resolutions are funny.

The new year rolls in making everything fresh and new. We feel renewed and hopeful and make promises to ourselves that are supposed to help improve the quality of our lives.

Then we sort of forget them and fall back into our usual patterns. Our promises are like pennies down wishing wells, whimsical memories.

In January 2009 however, I made a resolution in addition to the ones i usually make (i.e. lose weight, acquire more discipline, etc.) This one was meant to slightly alter the way I’ve been handling my life so far. A way which has not , to my thinking, been producing positive results.

I told myself that whenever opportunities cross my path this year, rather than immediately focusing on their downsides and refusing them, I would try closing my eyes and saying, ‘yes.’

Is it a weird job that I have little or no experience at? Yes. Swim aerobics though I have no idea how I’ll handle my hair after? Yes. A new type of moisturizer on my overly sensitive skin? Yes. The idea, which is in no way a new one, is to take on whatever problems arise from saying yes and deal with them instead of letting the fear of them lock doors in my life. Face the problem. Embrace the opportunity.

It is now June and I want to assess the results of my resolution. Well – let’s see…

Where in January my life was pretty much at a dead end, today I am the Nigerian rep for my favourite International Magazine. I have also in just this year been part of the making of a feature length film that I think will change this country’s movie industry. And right this very minute? As I write this, I am sitting on a plane en route to Tel Aviv on the first leg of an all expenses paid trip that will also take me to Rome and Turkey. That has been the power of ‘yes’ in my life.

It hasn’t been easy. Some of my ‘yes’s have produced formidable issues that made me regret them. Now, standing on the other side of those issues, I don’t want to dismiss them but I want to always remember that problems can be solved and that is why we face them. I’ve also said no despite myself at times when I felt opportunities came with too many problems I couldn’t see myself overcoming. I feel now that I regret those “no”s. But not to the point of wanting to turn back time.

I am happy with the path that I am on as of now and I have to say that my life has become a million times more interesting than it was at the close of 2008.


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