I Killed that B****! (Warning: A Tiny spoiler contained within!)

That’s right I killed that B****!

She kept on running her mouth about hope and destiny and (SPOILER ALERT! THE ITALICS ARE A SPOILER SO DON’T LOOK IF YOU DON’T WANNA KNOW!) one of my people becoming the last aeon until I couldn’t stand it and so I took her out with extreme prejudice!

After restarting because she took me out first.


Okay, fine, it wasn’t a fight it was a beat-down and I may have cried a little. Truth be said, I was just as surprised as she was when she finally died. I was so focused on rationing potions and MP and on balancing my zombies.

All I wanted to do was stay alive! I was so tired of starting that long a** three stage fight from scratch! I was also scared that should I finally find my self in the advantage and within two or three turns of killing her snaky behind it would all be taken cruelly away from me by a belief defyingly ill timed power cut.

I was so happy when she finally died.

Now all I have between me and FX2 is the Big Cahuna. Sin itself.

Naturally I’m taking the time to level up as much as I can and I’m trying to score a couple more aeons (Yojimbo and the Magus Sisters). I want to avoid the traumatic approach and make my final kill a little less accidental than that last one!

I can’t wait to finally see those credits! Hope my heart can take it.

Wonder if I have the record for the longest time taken to finish this game. Or maybe any game at all…


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