I’m Sorry?


What’s the etiquette for when you promise to write on your blog but then you don’t for say, about two months?

I feel kinda wretched about it so I’m going to do better. The odds are daunting. I am using mobile internet which is at best very, very skittish but i just got back my computer after both the power cord and the batteries blew up (thanks again PHCN!) so feel like I’m ready to face anything.

Plus I’ve got a lot to talk about. Have read several mangas and watched a couple of doramas that need to be spoken about.

Also got some new games and some old games to bring up.

So lets be friends again.

douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!


One response to “I’m Sorry?

  1. Welcome back!!!Glad you are back!So how far on our comic??? lol

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