Anime Recommendation: Michiko to Hatchin!

Brazil is ALWAYS cool.

Their music, their language, their food, their carnival, their relaxed attitude to clothing and their movies. Maybe that’s why Manglobe‘s latest anime, Michiko to Hatchin is so great!

It’s the story of tan, curvylicious, scantily clad Michiko, ex-con and Vespa riding thug who is searching for her ex boyfriend after breaking out of prison. To help her achieve this she kidnaps his daughter, Hatchin from the cruel foster home she is living in because her existence is the only proof that she has that he is alive.

The style is what can be expected from the brilliant minds behind Samurai Champloo and Ergo Proxy. They actually went and scouted parts of Brazil so the environment is spot on. I actually think some of it is photography! It’s a beautiful anime that makes you ache to go there.

The characters too are very interesting and likeable. Beautiful Michiko is rough, thuggish and stubborn as all hell but those qualities are all made positive in her relentless search for her ex and the way she takes Hatchin under wing.

Hachin is also stubborn and strong willed. Life has made her independent though she is only about 8 years old. She also has a strong moral streak for her age which is amazing considering how she grew up.

Together they are very kawaii!

Anyway, this is a story for those who like a stylish looking anime with a lot of cool hijinks and a very City of God atmosphere!

It was released in Winter and I think It’s still going on . I’ve seen about six episodes and it’s a keeper.

Definitely look out for this one guys.

See Trailer.

Get Wallpapers.


2 responses to “Anime Recommendation: Michiko to Hatchin!

  1. Wow…cool..Got the link to this blog off da Anime Exchange grou…will DEFINITELY be checking in now and again…

  2. Cool! So shameless plugs do work;-DThanks for dropping by and I appreciate the comments!C u on the AE group!!!

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