J-Dorama Recommendation

I was meaning to do a post about my love for Asian TV and Cinema before doing any recommendations but – this can’t wait.

My Japanese Drama series of the moment is “Anego.” It’s the story of japanese office lady (that’s a working woman) Noda Naoko played with cute charm by Shinohara Ryoko, who at 32 is on the verge of becoming an Oba-san (old lady or old hag).

She has a reputation for solving the problems of her junior workers who keep coming to her with their love issues then marrying off under her. Everybody depends on her. They give her the name “Anego” which means big sister. But who does she depend on?

Her life becomes more complicated when she meets two interesting men.

The first is Sawaki Shoichi played with sophistication by Kato Masaya (some may remember him as Ryuji Hanada in Crying Freeman), a handsome man who rescues her from a drunk on a train. This man turns out to be the jet setting husband of a former junior worker of hers whose trying to be friends with her again.

The second interesting man is Kurosawa Akihiko played with languid beauty by young idol Akanishi Jin (Soooooooooooooooooo bishounen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD) a new gorgeous junior who seems to be the only male in the office that sees her as a female. The main problem with him is that he just happens to be 10 years her junior. That’s right. TEN.

It’s interesting because the series takes us through Naoko-san’s life as she deals with impertinent juniors, sexist male co-workers, over dependent bosses and over anxious parents with wry cheerfulness, the occasional grumble and selflessness while also dealing with loneliness and her self identity as a woman.

Her future is uncertain. Women don’t work till retirement like men do so what will happen to her. Can she never meet a man she can fall in love with and marry? Is that in fact what she really wants? It’s no wonder that the married man and the junior are proving to be such temptations to her!

I like this show because, as a woman who is the older person in her relationship (by 3 years) I can kind of relate with some of the things going on in her life. There is such a pressure on women to get married and have kids that it can sometimes be all encompassing and overwhelming. If, like myself, you fall in love with someone who is younger than you and naturally has a whole different set of pressures more commiserate with their age and time in life, it can be difficult. I really hope I can face my own difficulties with the honesty and broad mindedness one is supposed to acquire with maturity the way Naoko-san sometimes does.

Anyway the show is only 10 episodes long with a two part special bringing the count to 12. You could finish the entire thing in a day if you had the time! So go out and look for it! For those of you marooned in Nigeria like myself, If you have internet access try http://www.crunchyroll.com, an excellent resource for all your Asian TV needs.

I am currently on episode 8 and I’m already 100% invested in this sometimes funny and sometimes touching show! I bet I’m going to cry at the end!

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhh! I can’t wait!


One response to “J-Dorama Recommendation

  1. okaysohang in thereand congrats on being in there that long alreadyguys and girls seem to grow at different speeds and ure right about the expectations and pressureswill be rooting for ur relationship though; its always looked admirable!

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