So, more information on the graphic novel. Here’s my official character break down:

Deedee Esene:

Funky, independent, hot tempered and sharp mouthed. She’s one of the two co-founders of the group. This mixed race cutie with the big brown afro plays bass guitar.

Eniola Bode-George:

Conservative, sheltered, highly talented and timid she is the opposite of the brash Deedee and the other cofounder of the band. She plays the violin, keyboards and synths.

Isi Ugoji:

Baby sister of one of the owners of up and coming Maximum Music Studios. A tomboy who loves music and is eager to prove her mettle. Mellow with a sarcastic edge. Fierce Drummer.

Vicki Ajayi:

Beautiful, image conscious, arrogant and beloved by many, she is Deedee’s mortal enemy. But even Deedee can’t deny that the girl has a powerful set of lungs and an amazing voice. With, her looks, voice, style and attitude, no one can fill out a spot light like Vicki.

(NB. Please Note that all images have been purloined from other sites on the net and are very loose references for the look of each girl!)

The good news is I’ve finally started getting some artistic interest in the story so Yay!!! I can’t wait to see the results!!

I’m still messing around myself so please feel free to check out my concept stuff on Deviant Art.

And if you are at all interested in Spaceboy Nigeria and the Nigerian Comic Book Showcase, by all means go on their blog to see all the cool stuff they have on ground.There have been some exciting proposals already and I think when it comes to voting for which one should be published first, the competition will be pretty stiff!

I am especially encouraging female writers and artists to get involved so that it doesn’t end up being a complete boys club! Plus someone needs to put out good comics for us too, don’t you think?


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