My Graphic Novel

I’ve decided to come clean and admit here that I’m writing a graphic novel. I’m doing it for the initiative that Y has set up. It’s called The Nigerian Comic Book Showcase and it’s under Spaceboy Nigeria. It’s meant to promote and publicize Nigerian comics!

My story is called easy.delicious and tells about 3 friends and one frenemy that are gifted to various degrees in music and decide to form a rock band in contemporary Lagos. It’s going to be about their lives, dramas and romances and what happens when they actually succeed.

For those who know me you’re probably guessing that there’s going to be more than a few shoujo elements in it. I’m happy to tell you that you are guessing correctly. Because I am a sucker for shoujo manga, it stands to reason that I would want to do something similar so I can share some of the joy that the genre brings me! Woot!!! \(>0<)/


Anyway, I am currently working on the scripts which (be warned) I shall probably provide samples of here. I am also currently desperately in search of an artist to share this project with!!! It’s hard to find someone that can do the cool, funky and feminine style that I think this story needs but I won’t give up. I have actually considered trying to do my own work. This would mean having to learn to draw, of course so I set up my own page own deviant art specifically to force myself through what I fully expect to be a grueling process!

Please wish me luck and look out for more info on this!

2 responses to “My Graphic Novel

  1. Already love what you have written so far and can’t wait to get it out there into people’s hands!And I don’t think it will take much to improve your art. Just need to draw every day.

  2. x3 Thanks!I will do my best!!!

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