Travesty at Jos

I can barely believe what is going on in Jos. Wholesale slaughter of human beings. A mini holocaust. Mass murder.

And Jos is such a nice place.

The newspaper today dispassionately referred to it as ‘loss of lives’ like there had been a land slide as opposed to Nigerian citizens with names and addresses running around with cutlasses and murdering other Nigerian citizens.

Shame. Are we cattle? Doesn’t cattle even warrant the protection of its master? What is so special about nigerians that makes us undeserving of the protection of law and order?

Today, I really hope karma is true to her reputation.


2 responses to “Travesty at Jos

  1. Mehn!a friend of mine just told me, more corpers died than was reported, its obvious the governemnt just takes this as one of those things…the North is just so volatile, no small wonder i had to pack my bags and just leave my original post, i wont endanger my life for anyone right now, especially NOT the Governement!i just hope we will come to a time in this country when Human live is held up much higher than nama or Kudi

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