Some Kill Giants – GIN!!!

So my boyf (who I have been referring to as Y) just recorded the first podcast for his gaming blog Some Kill Giants. I realise, of course, that I haven’t written about SKG before but I think that’s excusable seeing as this is just my fifth post!

So here’s the skinny; Some Kill Giants is a blog about gaming with highlights about gaming in Nigeria in particular. It is relatively new on the scene (Started in June this year) but already has been noted by prolific gaming blog Game Set Watch.

Anyway, Y decided it was time to move into the exciting world of podcasting where he could bring to life some of the relevant voices in Nigeria’s gaming scene. The show is about gaming in Nigeria. That is literally what GIN stands for.

This maiden show in particular covered two interesting topics the first of which was Games you haven’t finished and why you haven’t finished them. The second topic which was nostalgia based was a discussion of the game Super Mario World.

I’m not going to spoiler it by breaking down what was said. I will just say that it was a very interesting discussion because the speakers were obviously well informed and passionate about the subject.

It’s a first effort so it’s not perfect and could use some cleaning up here and there but it still has a lot going for it. The tone and energy, for instance, was consistently high level and fun. Also, different perspectives were brought to the floor as Nigeria like other places breeds a variety of gamer types.

We have the every console/every high profile game gamer, we have the select consoles/reviewed games gamer, we have the no console/friends selection dependent gamer and we have the no console/strictly PC games gamer. Each of these broad archetypes was, I think, well represented in this discussion.

So if you have about thirty something or so megabytes of space on your computer hard drive, mp3 player or phone, please consider downloading this. It’s so nice to hear Nigerians speak passionately about something other than politics or football.

Long live fringe culture!

(Oh and that banging logo was designed by Y! Big ups, babe!)


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